Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

Talking to Your Kids About Sex: Turning "the talk" into a conversation for life
by Dr. Laura Berman

-information from the DK Canada website:

Teaching your child about sex can be a rewarding, relationship-strengthening experience. You just need to be equipped with the right tools: clear, easy-to-explain information; critical questions to ask; good timing; and a sense of humor.

Often touched on only lightly in schools, sexual knowledge is one of the most important parts of your child's education. Help encourage positive thought, relationships, and decision-making with Dr Berman's resourceful, reassuring, and comprehensive new book.


This is probably the most thorough book on this subject that I have ever read.  I found it incredibly informative and well written. I thought the "conversation starters" and "what to say" sections were especially brilliant. So many of us just aren't sure what to say and Dr. Berman does an amazing job of clearly laying out guidelines for parents to use.  

Talking to Your Kids About Sex is broken up into 7 different sections:

1. Talking about the body
2. Talking about the mind
3. Talking about the media
4. Talking about friends and influences
5. Talking about romantic relationships
6. Talking about sexual relationships
7. Talking about safer sex

Each section begins with "Assessing Your Values" which I think is brilliant. It is so important to know where our beliefs come from and how they affect us. Dr. Berman encourages the reader to identify the positive and negative so that we can hopefully avoid passing our own messed-up-ness on to our children.

This book has applicable information for all children- from infant to grown. I was amazed at how many topics were covered in less than 200 pages. The book has lots of photos, diagrams and different coloured "boxes" that make it visually appealing as well. I found it very interesting all the way through. I also loved the tone of the author's writing- it just seemed very encouraging and non-judgmental.

I would highly recommend this book to every parent who is going to be talking to their kids about sex!

Thanks so much to DK Canada for providing me with a review copy of this book!

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