About Me

Hi! I began this blog in April of 2008 as a way to share my love of books with the world. I am a total book-a-holic!  I do regular reviews and host a lot of giveaways.

Here is a list of some more random facts about me...

1. My name is Tara Dawn. My maiden name was Tara Dawn Jane and people used to consistently ask me what my last name was. It drove me crazy.
2. I am 34 years old.
3. My birthday is Christmas Day, 1975.
4. I have birthed three children.
5. I have had four miscarriages.
6. My daughter Olivia is 3.
7. My son Owen is 7.
8. My son Aiden is 8.
9. Aiden has been diagnosed with high-functioning Autism and ADHD.
10. I believe in God and need His help just to get through my days.
11. I am a pastor's wife... but not your typical pastor's wife (or so I've been told).
12. I have a bachelor's degree in Religious Education which I had originally intended to use as a pre-cursor to my master's degree in counselling.
13. Instead of getting my master's degree I was surprised with Aiden.
14. I have had 3 horrendous bouts with post partum depression (PPD)
15. I was raised by a single-mom-pastor's- kid -turned- hippy and I had a happy childhood.
16. My mom lives near us because she chooses to move wherever we do!
17. I don't know my dad (well, I know his name and I met him once when I was seven but that really doesn't constitute KNOWING someone)
18. I have been married for 11 years.
20. Our anniversary is July 31, 1999.
21. I think my husband saved my life several times while I was suffering with severe PPD.
22. My name is said Tah-rah not Ter-rah. I answer to both but it drives my mom crazy.
23. I love to read.
24. I had no idea what a blog was until my husband started one and showed me.
25. We moved constantly while I was growing up. Usually at least once per year.
26. All 3 of my children have Asthma.
27. I also have Asthma.
28. I also have a messed up thyroid.
29. Apparently my body hates me.
30. I started a work-at-home job in December, 2009 that I absolutely love.
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