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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility, insight edition
by Jane Austen
-information taken from the Bethany House website

The Classic Tale of Secret Engagements, First Loves,
and Two Sisters, Opposites in Every Way
Smile . . . you are about to read not only one of the classic works of English literature, but a novel filled with love, humor, and heart.
This edition of Sense and Sensibility exists to make your reading experience all the more pleasurable--offering interesting trivia, uniquely humorous insight, and meaningful inspiration.
Prudent Elinor Dashwood and her passionate sister, Marianne, will come vividly to life. Their search for love, their heartbroken anguish, their wit, and their unceasing loyalty to each other--all of it will remind you why they are two of Austen's most beloved characters.
Whether you're new to Barton Cottage or have visited often, one thing is assured: This read will delight your heart and stir your spirit.

Includes "Conversation Questions" Perfect for Book Discussion Groups!

Foreword by Julie Klassen, bestselling author of The Apothecary's Daughter
Jane Austen, daughter of a clergyman, is the beloved author of some of the most acclaimed fiction of all time. Though writing about provincial life in late-18th century England, she captured timeless themes that transcend centuries and languages. Almost as popular today as ever, Austen is undoubtedly the most influential female novelist ever.

You can read an excerpt of this fabulous book HERE.


I personally can't imagine anyone NOT loving Sense and Sensibility!! It is a total classic and a wonderful read, no matter if it is your first or hundredth time reading it. The added insights given in this edition just make it all the more enjoyable. I absolutely loved reading those extra bits of information! I especially loved the "insights" that made me laugh like this one on page 96:

"Ranking our dislike: 1. Fanny; 2. John; 3. Marianne- we're growing weary of her sulking."

or this one on page 224

"We'd kind of forgotten how unpleasant Fanny could be." (with an unhappy smiley face to emphasize the point.)
It almost made it feel like I was reading the book with a friend and we were chatting about it and laughing as we went.

I also really enjoyed all the extra information about Jane Austen and her life and writing. The insights made a work of art even more beautiful. I highly recommend this edition of Sense and Sensibility - no matter who you are you can't help but love Jane Austen's books!

Thanks so much to Bethany House for sending me a review copy of this wonderful book.

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