Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Girls Use the Potty!

We've had some potty-training struggles with Olivia... she was almost fully trained but then we moved and she completely regressed. SO when Big Girls Use the Potty! arrived at our house we were happy to read it with Olivia.
Big Girls Use the Potty
- information taken from the DK Canada website
Practice makes perfect with this step-by-step guide to using the potty with pride! With lots of fun and friendly advice and special reward stickers to encourage success, soon your toddler will find it easy to use the potty all by herself!

With fun rhyming text, these board books are fully illustrated and complete with a pull out chart and star stickers. The emphasis is on motivating children to use the potty correctly by giving them praise and rewarding their success as they take their first steps towards becoming diaper free.
  • A fun introduction to a challenging family subject
  • Lively, lyrical text is both motivating and fun
  • Interactive chart and reward stickers help track toddlers’ progress
This book is great. It is a board book so it is sturdy and easy to wipe clean if someone's sticky hands get all over it. The pictures are fun and perfect for little girls. I love how the little girl teaches her bear to use the potty first and then she uses it too. It is a clever little book and Olivia loves it too.

We have read it many times over the past few weeks and we are making progress with potty training! Every time we read it with Olivia she always wants to use the potty immediately after. There is just nothing wrong with that! We have been using the stickers too and Olivia loves that. If potty-training a little one is in your future than I definitely recommend this book! They also have a boy version for the little men out there.

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending us a review copy of this book!

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