Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore by Benjamin Hale

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore 
by Benjamin Hale

About the book

Bruno Littlemore is unlike any other chimpanzee in the world.Precocious, self-conscious and preternaturally gifted, young Bruno, born and raised in the Lincoln Park Zoo, falls under the care of primatologist Lydia Littlemore. Lydia takes Bruno into her home to oversee his education and nurture his passion for painting. But for all of his gifts, the chimpanzee has a rough time caging his more primal urges. His untimely outbursts ultimately cost Lydia her job, and send the unlikely pair on what proves to be one of the most unforgettable journeys—and most affecting love stories—in recent literature. Like its protagonist, this novel is big, loud, abrasive, witty, perverse, earnest and amazingly accomplished. The Evolution of Bruno Littlemoregoes beyond satire by showing us not what it means, but what it feels like to be human -- to love and lose, learn, aspire, grasp, and, in the end, to fail.

Guest Review by my mom!

This book positively astounded me! It transported me into the mind of Bruno the ape who strives to be human. The story carried me from the heights of joy to the depths of anger and outrage, and questioned my moral perspective. A well-researched book that finds its roots in our mistreatment of primates the world over, and shames us for not recognizing these wonderful creatures for the extremely intelligent species that they are.  But at the same time, it is a heart-warming and tender story of two lonely beings who find in each other the love and comfort they deserve. A thoroughly captivating novel which may be read slowly as it’s message takes time to digest. Definitely an adult read.

*we were sent a free book to review*

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