Monday, February 8, 2010

Falling Into the Sun

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After discovering her neighbor's suicide, Kate Nardek realizes that the same kind of despair that spurred her neighbors self-destruction fuels her teenage son's violent blowups. She seeks psychological help for him, a decision that changes both their lives. In her quest to vanquish her son's demons, Kate must face down her own, and consequently rethink her beliefs about mental illness, good and evil, death, and her own self-worth. Michael's journey parallels Kate's as his soul flies into the center of creation. There, he discovers something has noted every twist of his life. This being's perfect knowledge generates the healing salve of perfect compassion. If Michael confronts the truth behind violent episodes in his recent life, he too can learn compassion. Gripping, poetic, and powerfully uplifting, Falling into the Sun explores spiritual truths of Hindu, Native American, and Christian traditions as it tenderly grapples with the generational legacy of alcoholism and mental illness.

About the Author

Charrie Hazard, an award-winning journalist, worked as an investigative reporter and then as an editorial writer and op-ed columnist for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, before leaving journalism to pursue teaching and fiction writing.


This was a bit of a strange book- but deeply moving. I thought the author did an excellent job of describing life with mental illness in your family. There is some language and rather graphic scenes but it is expected considering the subject matter. It took me quite awhile to get through this book so I would not classify it as an easy read. Falling Into the Sun is an intense book but worth the read.

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