Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?

About this Book
Laura Bennett is not a soccer mom or a PTA mom or a helicopter mom—and she’s certainly not mother of the year. Another breed of mother entirely, Laura is surely more Auntie Mame than June Cleaver. As a busy mother of six, Laura is on an impossible mission: raising a brood of fast-moving, messy, wild sons in the jungles of Manhattan. So what other choice does she have than to sit back, grab a martini, and let the boys be, er, boys?

In Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?, Laura gives her irreverent take on modern motherhood and proves that a strong sense of humor and an even stronger sense of self are the mother’s milk of sanity. In a series of refreshingly candid and hilarious anecdotes, she unapologetically breaks every rule in the Brady Bunch playbook: She gives her kids junk food, plays favorites, and openly admits to having “a genetic predisposition to laissez-faire parenting.” Children, she observes, don’t need constant supervision from neurotic, perfectionist parents. Allow kids to make mistakes and entertain themselves and they’ll turn out just fine—even if you do sometimes forget to pick them up from school.

Beyond the mayhem of a life among males, Laura celebrates the glories of womanhood with a generous helping of wit and style. She gives thanks to the fashion gods for the essentials—red lipstick, Manolo Blahniks, and Lycra shapewear—but reminds us that true style comes from an inner compass that points directly at oneself. In every aspect of life, Laura gives one simple, powerful piece of advice: “Dress like you want it or stay home.”

Brutally honest, outrageous, and sure to raise a few eyebrows, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? is a riotously funny read—and it’ll go fabulously well with your new handbag.

Laura Bennett wowed viewers of Project Runway’s season 3 with her jaw-dropping outspokenness and sophisticated designs. She has a large and growing fan base thanks to Project Runway, MSN’s “Glam Squad” StyleStudio, and QVC, which sells her designs. Bennett writes the Case Clothed comic strip for iVillage and a column for The Daily Beast. She lives in Manhattan.

-information taken from the Random House website.


This book made me laugh out loud... which is saying something considering I was sitting in a public place while reading it! My attention was captured from the title to the last page. I must say that I have never watched Project Runway and was completely unfamiliar with Laura Bennett before reading this book... so I had zero preconcieved ideas before I started to read. I absolutely love Laura's writing because it is like you are listening to her talk. It actually read a lot like many of the mom-blogs I read- totally down to earth and honest about what motherhood can really be like. If you are looking for a different kind of "mom" book than I definitely recommend Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?.

Thanks so much to Random House Canada for sending me a review copy of this book.

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fredamans said...

This sounds like a book I would love! Great review!

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