Monday, March 15, 2010

Your Questions Answered: Migraine

Prevent attacks, relieve symptoms, and enjoy everyday life
Carol A. Foster, MD

-information taken from the DK Canada website

Providing practical guidance about the various self-help measures, conventional medical options and complementary therapies, these jargon-free question-and-answer guides provide practical advice about coping with various forms of arthritis and migraines.
  • Contains up-to-date research on the latest treatments and complementary therapies
  • Features comprehensive sections on diet and exercise


I have suffered with migraines for years and I have done a LOT of research on them so I didn't really think I would learn anything new from this book. I was wrong! The main thing I learned was the symptoms of childhood migraines and how different they are for kids. I didn't know that. It helped me realize that my son Aiden might in fact be getting migraines.

I found it helpful to read about migraine triggers and what I can do to prevent migraines. The book is incredibly easy to read and very nicely laid out. The information is presented in a very straightforward fashion. If you are a migraine sufferer- or know someone who is- than I would definitely recommend this book to you.

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending me a review copy of this book.

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