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Imagia and the Magic Pearls

Imagia and the Magic Pearls

Tales from the Mapmaker

by Monroe S. Tarver

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Dear Listener,

Let me tell you a tale of a world with three suns...of a gleaming pearl palace...and the elf-princess, Imagia, who dreams of playing with friends, like any other child. But she can t be like other kids she s a princess. Imagia's time is filled with the lessons that will allow her to rule one day. She isn't allowed to leave the palace, where her only contact is with grownups. So, she is left to imagine what it might be like if she could be like other elf kids.

That imagination is the princess s best gift (although she is also rather fond of a certain bag of magic pearls). Imagia's imagination is very strong, and she uses it to understand the world around her. She really does try to be good, and she respects her parents. But, when yet another birthday comes along, and she is again stuck inside the palace, Imagia is frustrated. She gives in to temptation when she stumbles upon a way to sneak out of the palace and meet some friends.

Imagia does find friends in the forest, but finds scary stuff too. She learns that both friendship and danger can come in strange forms, as her seemingly innocent excursion takes unexpected twists and turns. The princess journeys to the Green Towers along with her new friend, Flutterwalk. Together, they must outwit the evil witch-queen, Baddora, and her winged pet. During her adventures, Imagia makes many discoveries the most important being the true power of imagination.

Come inside and grab a comfy chair while I tell you the story. Would you care to join me for a sweet potato?

M.T., Mapmaker and Storyteller 


This is a delightful story, full of wonderful imagination and fantasy. I especially liked the illustrations scattered throughout the book- they complemented the story perfectly. I read the book to my sons (ages 6 & 7) and even though it was about a GIRL they still liked it.  My daughter listened in a few times and I think she will love it when she gets a bit older.  Imagia and the Magic Pearls is the perfect complement to a child's beautiful imagination. I am happy to recommend this book to any young readers out there.

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