Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sensory Team Handbook

From the Back Cover:

The Sensory Team Handbook is the first book on sensory processing written for pre-teens and young teens. Upbeat, humorous, and hands-on, each chapter is stuffed with comics, cartoons, diagrams, quizzes, trivia, and question-answer sections. The handbook compares the senses to a sports team in need of a coach and then shows the reader how to become that coach. This unique sensory team approach turns therapy into something kids can do by and for themselves. Entirely jargon-free, and written in simple everyday language, The Sensory Team Handbook will inspire kids and teens to take charge of their own sensory issues.
About the Author (from the website)

Nancy Mucklow is a writer, textbook editor, teacher, and parent who brings her practical real-world experience with sensory issues to a pre-teen and teen audience. Her ability to think in pictures, translate science into everyday language, and write for young audiences helps her empower young people to take control of their lives.


I think this is a brilliant book. I LOVE that it is geared specifically to the kids themselves. It is incredibly user friendly and easy to read. Mucklow uses great illustrations that keep the reader engaged in what she is saying. I learned a lot reading this book because it made it easier to see the world through my kid's eyes. I will definitely be keeping this book for Aiden to read once he is old enough.

So much of the time these kids are surrounded by adults talking ABOUT them but this book brings them into the conversation and helps to give them some control in a time when they feel so out-of-control. The teen years are hard for all kids but Sensory issues make them even harder- this book can help!

I would definitely recommend The Sensory Team Handbook to any family that has been touched by Sensory Processing Disorder. I also think this book would be an amazing resource for schools and Occupational Therapists to keep on hand for the kids they work with.

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