Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Four Wives review

Four Wives, a novel (taken from the author's website)

In Wendy Walker’s debut novel, the picture-perfect lives of four wives and mothers begin to unravel against the backdrop of outrageous suburban wealth.

On the outside, Love Welsh, Marie Passeti, Gayle Beck and Janie Kirk seem to have it all – marriages to handsome, successful men, beautiful children and the kind of affluence most people dream of. But in the gilded suburb of Hunting Ridge, appearances mask a deeper truth. Behind the façade of contentment they struggle to maintain, each of these women must confront her own crisis. From infidelity and abuse to malaise and the haunting ghosts of a troubled past, their not-so-perfect lives are slowly exposed. And as springtime draws to a close, the women come face to face with the most difficult challenge of all – to reconcile their innermost desires with the path that each of them has chosen.


Four Wives is a fascinating look into suburbia. I found Walker's writing interesting and I enjoyed how the chapters alternated between the four women's mindsets. I found the storyline quite sad though. Although there ARE funny parts it is more of a drama than a comedy for certain. I do think it is amazing that Walker was able to write this entire novel in the backseat of her minivan while her kids played soccer or whatever! There are some adult themes in the book so it really isn't suitable for younger readers or the easily offended amongst us.

Here is the Four Wives book trailer:

And here is an interview with WendyWalker:

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