Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Along Came You

Product Description (from Amazon.com)

A delightful book for kids and parents to read together that will paint a picture for children about how life changes when they are born, and gently reminds parents about how the loving sacrifices they sow for their kids only cause them to reap more joy.

From the Back Cover
What happens when the pleasures of a tidy, carefully decorated home are traded for the excitement of high chairs and noisy toys? When quiet evenings and carefully planned schedules are traded for busy days and crazy nights? What happens when the desire to experience joy is replaced with the desire that another would experience joy? Karona Drummond weaves images of life before kids with life after kids. Children will delight in this love song written to them about the joyful change they bring about and how the loving sacrifices of their parents transform a simple life into an abundant life. This book is a truly a touching glimpse and a warm reminder of the parent heart of God.


Along Came You is a lovely book. I absolutely adored the illustrations by Estelle Corke- they complimented the story wonderfully. The book is bright and colourful and perfect to read with your little girl. I read the story to all three of my children several times. My boys liked it but told me it is a girls book because of all the pink :) Olivia loves the book and has claimed it as her own. I got a little teary eyed the first time I read it because it is just so true. This is a delightful story for any little girl & mommy!

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