Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scared by Tom Davis- my review

You can find a full description of this book HERE but I just wanted to tell you all I LOVED this book. It is an incredibly sad story but has beautiful glimpses of hope. I found Davis' writing gripping. I was hooked into this story from page 1... if I could have read it start to finish in one sitting I would have. Unfortunately those pesky parenting duties got in my way ;)

This story made me cry and it made me want to jump up off my chair and DO something... ANYTHING to help the oppressed in our world. I really think every single person in North America should read this book... maybe it would help us all get a little bit of perspective. We are blessed. We should be caring for those less fortunate than ourselves. We should stop being so darn selfish. I'm telling you I was reading this story, weeping and wishing I could scoop up those starving babies and bring them all home.

But please don't misunderstand me- this book is not written in some sort of preachy condescending way. It is also not one of those books that leaves you feeling so overwhelmed that it seems pointless to care. It is a story filled with grim reality, yes, but it is also filled with hope and a do-able call to action. I promise you Scared will move you.

Read this book. By yourself. With your spouse. With your children. With your bible study group. With your entire church. Pass it around to all your neighbours. You really must read this book.


Medela freestyle said...

Thanks for the review girl, it's really tempting!


Shoz said...

I just ordered this book online yesterday! can't wait till it gets here!!! I will stock up on Kleenex first though :)

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