Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection * review *

Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection

The travel companion that Waldo fans can’t get enough of!
Waldo seekers young and old won’t want to hit the road without this paperback compilation of his  world-famous excursions, including:
* Where’s Waldo?
* Where’s Waldo Now?
* Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey
* Where’s Waldo? The Wonder Book
* Where’s Waldo? In Hollywood

With such a wealth of Waldo at hand, even the most restless travelers will be entertained for hours on end. Don’t leave home without it!
The essential travel companion! Now Waldo can wander everywhere his fans do, thanks to a compact bind-up of five classic adventures.

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We love Where's Waldo in our house!  Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection is great fun. There is enough Waldo searching options in this book to keep the reader busy for hours... or days... weeks even. We've been searching for Waldo and his pals on the pages for the past month and are nowhere near completion.

Olivia and Owen were both a little young to really get in to the actual searching since the pages are pretty small but Aiden and I have had a great time searching. All three kids have spent lots of time just looking at the fascinating drawings. This book has some especially cool features like fold out sections with lists of stuff to look for and an elastic strap which really helps keep the pages nice.

If you are a Waldo fan than this book is definitely for you!

Thanks so much to Candlewick Press for sending me a review copy of this book.

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