Thursday, September 23, 2010

Penny and Rio: The Diamond Collar Adventure

Penny and Rio: The Diamond Collar Adventure       
By Jennifer Swanson
 A new adventure! The dynamic canine detectives, Penny and Rio, escape from the backyard for the first time in search of a valuable diamond collar lost by Hannah, the beautiful show dog.  During their search for the misplaced treasure, they encounter Ted, the loveable but somewhat clumsy collie, Sarge, the belligerent and forceful German shepherd, and an obstacle of epic proportions. But just when it feels like Penny has reached the end of the adventure, the prize is ripped from her grasp. Solving this new problem will take all the ingenuity and determination these dog detectives can muster. 

Jennifer Swanson is running a contest in conjunction with the release of this book.  She has GREAT prizes including 3 $50 gift cards to Barnes and Noble .com ,   free Ripple Reader e-books, and much more. 
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The Diamond Collar Adventure is a fun little read for kids. It is perfect for kids who are just starting to read chapter books. My 8 year old son Aiden was able to read most of it with my help. All three of my kids enjoyed listening to the story. They really loved that it was about dogs! The illustrations are bright and colourful and  complement the story perfectly. I really like the Penny and Rio series- great kid-friendly reading. 

Thanks so much to Jennifer Swanson for sending me a review copy of this book. 

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