Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maisy Goes to Bed * review *

Maisy Goes to Bed
author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins
It's time for Maisy to go to bed, but there's a lot to do first! Luckily, with the flip of a flap or the pull of a tab, little readers can help their favorite mouse every step of the way on her journey toward dreamland. First, she needs to throw back a bedtime beverage and go to the potty (complete with flushing action). Then she's ready to wash her hands, brush her teeth, put on pajamas, read a story, and finally say good night, toy panda in paw. Even reluctant sleepers will look forward to bedtime when they can share a cozy ritual with Maisy, and the mini size of this colorful bedtime board book is perfect for tiny hands.
One of Lucy Cousins's very first Maisy books -- now in just the right size to tuck under a pillow

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Olivia absolutely adores this book. We have read it many many times and she never seems to tire of it. She loves all the things to flip, flap and pull. The story is cute and perfect for bedtime but we read it pretty much any time of day. Olivia has asked for more Maisy books which shows how much she loves this book. She carries it around with her and wanted to take it to school and everything. I am happy to recommend this book for any little girl! 

Thanks so much to Candlewick Press for sending me a review copy of this book.

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