Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stanley the Christmas Tree review

This is a cute children's book I'd like to tell you about.

Here is a summary I got from the website:

Stanley’s lifelong wish for a Special Family to spend his Christmas with seems lost when,
on Christmas Eve, he finds himself standing in an
alley with the Trash Can Family.

Alone and rejected, teased by the trash cans, Stanley is flocked by new
fallen snow and even in his loneliness feels proud when the cans agree,
“he is the best looking tree ever set out.”

Are the trash cans to be Stanley’s “Special Family” or is there a surprise waiting
to make his Christmas, “A Wish Come True?”

Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True is a story for all ages.

A text enriched book for the entire family.


This is a sweet little book that is perfect for Christmas. The illustrations are lovely, beautifully bright and colourful. All three of my kids listened to me read the entire story which is always a good sign! Owen is my 5 year old son and his only complaint was that he wished there were MORE pictures since not every page has an illustration on it. Aiden is 6 and I think he enjoyed the story the most out of my three. Olivia is almost two and her favourite part was definitely the pictures. Both of my sons have asked me to read it several times which is a wonderful endorsement in my opinion. This book would make a nice addition to any child's Christmas book library!

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Tena said...

I am going to have to look for this one when I am at the book store this week!
Thanks for the great review

Anonymous said...

Due to the late release, Stanley the Christmas Tree, A Wish Come True and the Audio Book/Music CD version is not available in retail stores this Christmas season. It can be obtained at
Where you can also hear some of the narration by Paul Mackenzie and music by Maynard Williams.

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