Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chasing Diana

About the Book (from

Cleverly written as a "screenplay novel," CHASING DIANA is historical fiction at its finest. Initially inspired by the events they witnessed in Paris during the early morning hours of August 31, 1997, Robin and Jack Firestone's compelling narrative does much more than shed new light on that late summer evening when one of history's brightest flames was extinguished forever. Using a unique mixture of truth and fiction, CHASING DIANA is a parable for our times. Vicariously told through the eyes of lead characters Rhonda and James Goodrich, CHASING DIANA is the remarkable story of how a princess' death rips a closely knit family apart... and the healing process which ultimately unites them. A real page-turner from start to finish, replete with mystery, adventure, intrigue, irony and the idiosyncrasies of the human condition... that's the unforgettable reading experience of CHASING DIANA.

"In Chasing Diana, the Firestones convey their 11 year personal journey, utilizing a guise

of historical fiction, to express the overwhelming effects resulting from being placed at a

crossroads in history. An average American family, The Firestones were vacationing in

Paris back in 1997 when fate intervened, turning their lives upside down. Upon their

return home from Europe, they were inundated by the press and their lives were forever

changed."- press release

My Review

Personally I found the screenplay format a little hard to get used to but overall the story is great. I felt that there was an excess of nasty language which also took away from the story a bit. I really enjoyed the character development and the story was face paced and kept me interested. I found myself wishing I knew fact from fiction however. Chasing Diana would make a great movie.

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