Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eco-Friendly Families

I LOVE this book!!!

Here is a summary taken from :

Going Green is a family affair thoroughly explored in Eco-Friendly Families. Not just a book to be read by parents, this guide can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

This guide translates complicated global issues into straightforward language and engaging activities, making a conversation about environmental ethics as simple as watering the houseplants with rain water, reusing back to school supplies, or hosting a neighborhood toy swap. Recipes and instructions for all activities are included, making this guide a valuable resource you’ll refer to time and time again. By appealing to children early in life we help ensure that the next generation will become conscientious consumers, passionate naturalists and responsible conservationists who are personal advocates for the earth.

Suggestions on taking a family’s green inventory, an eco-inspired calendar that helps manage green goal setting, and a room by room eco-redesign all contribute to making households environmentally sound; having every member of the family have a hand in accomplishing these ideas makes homes eco-friendly. Reducing, reusing and recycling, innovative alternatives for marking milestones and celebrating holidays, and detailed directions for accomplishing activity's goals are presented with the whole family in mind, making this a guide that goes beyond the basics. From a toddler's first green steps to greening a teen's trendy lifestyle, your family will be inspired to see going green as a way of life that evolves, not just a to-do checklist that ends.

Together, you can all take eco-actions that help the planet, save money and preserve energy while making memories whose effects extend far beyond your own backyard.

Honestly this is an AMAZING book. There are TONS of fun suggestions about how to engage your kids in the going green process. Helen gives incredibly easy steps to follow and suggests reachable goals for the entire family. She gives a monthly plan of attack and chapter checklists. Eco-Friendly Families is so easy to read that even the green "newbies" amongst us would love it. This is a book that any family could follow in their green efforts!

Eco-Friendly Families would also make an excellent Christmas gift!

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