Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tinycandy's Gift

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Tinycandy's Gift 
Tinycandy’s Gift is a new Christmas story tracing the origins of the popular holiday treat, the candy cane.
Tinycandy is an elf growing up in the North Pole who always felt left out because he walks with a limp. With Christmas approaching, Tinycandy is desperate to find his special “gift” in order to contribute to Christmas in Santa’s workshop and become accepted by the other elves. When Tinycandy does discover his gift, it creates a special sweet treat that changes Christmas forever. Read-Along CD included hardcover, full-color, 11x8


Tinycandy's Gift is a cute story. The illustrations are bright and colourful and compliment the story very nicely. Thanks to our lovely postal system we didn't get this story until well after Christmas but I think it will be very nice to read to the kids next Christmas :). The story is well written and has a good message for kids. I would recommend this book. 

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Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the review of Tinycandy's Gift. It sounds interesting. Wish If I could gift it to my nephew.

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