Thursday, January 21, 2010

Animals Up Close


Igor Siwanowicz - Photographer

- information taken from the DK Canada website.

“Each profile is packed with fascinating drama.” --Booklist

This visually stunning natural history book brings the animal kingdom closer than you’ve ever seen it before!

Dramatically close-up images of animals from insects to reptiles to mammals to birds reveal spectacular patterns and shapes. The colors, textures, and structures of all parts of an animal are presented in breathtaking photographs, challenging the reader’s understanding of animals and their habitats.

Awards and Notable lists:

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 for 2010 (NSTA-CBC Outstanding Science Committee)

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending me a review copy of this wonderful book!


My entire family loved this book! My husband and I were both very impressed with the photography. Personally I was impressed with the photographers ability to make some rather icky bugs look so amazing! My kids had a great time looking at all the pictures and getting me to read them the descriptions of the animals. We all learned a ton of information about these fascinating animals. Every single library and animal enthusiast should have a copy of Animals Up Close.

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