Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bed in a Tree


Eyewitness Travel Guide
Bettina Kowalewski - Author

-information taken from the DK Canada website

A handpicked selection of 27 extraordinary hotels from around the world. Every hotel offers an unforgettable and original place to stay.

Hotels spotlighted include the Ice Hotel in Sweden, an actual bed in a tree, a room underwater, a wine barrel and even a night in a suitcase!

Each hotel entry suggests three interesting, and often unusual, things to do nearby.

The book also features vouchers offering a 10% discount at selected hotels.


This book is absolutely packed FULL of places I want to visit!! The pictures are amazing. I loved the author's descriptions of the places are her experiences there.  Bed in a Tree is an amazing testament to people's creativity. Honestly- some of the hotels are so incredibly beyond anything I could have imagined. 

There are all kinds of hotels showcased in the book. I loved Ball in a Tree where the rooms are huge balls suspended between the trees on Vancouver Island, BC and In a Seashell where the houses are shaped like giant seashells and pretty much everything is made out of things found on the beach in Mexico. 

Just to give you a little taste here are a few of the other hotel names:
- Glass Igloos
- Escape Capsule
- Gothic Temple
- Inside a Suitcase
- Glass-Floor Villa
- Hotel in a Mountain

Even the names are cool!

If you love to travel... or dream of travelling someday than this is the book for you! 

Thanks so much to DK Canada Eyewitness Travel for sending me a review copy of this book.

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