Monday, January 4, 2010

The S.O.S. for PMS

The S.O.S. for PMS by Mary M. Byers
-information taken from the author's website

Gather any group of moms together and the topic of frustrating PMS symptoms rises up in conversation along with the guilt and concern about its effects on family members. Now Mary Byers offers mothers encouragement, help, and camaraderie as she shares:

• women’s stories—the good, bad, and the hopeful
• overlooked symptoms and how to manage them
• foods and activities to avoid or indulge in
• God’s first aid for stress, depression, and anxiety
• a call for help—how husbands can come to the aid of their wives

This gathering of useful advice and shared experiences will comfort readers who have ever felt alone in their PMS plight and will inspire healthier lifestyles, relationships, and daily choices for all women.


The SOS for PMS is a great book. Byers is full of very practical advice for both women and the men who have to deal with them during their less-than-fabulous moments. The book is very easy to read. If you are one of the many who suffer with PMS than I would definitely recommend this book to you.

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