Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers

Rebel Stone and the Ghost Whisperers by Walter Rouzer

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Thrills, adventure, and mystery await Rebel Stone and his parents who have just relocated to Morgan McGuire's mansion, a gray stone castle on a grassy knoll overlooking the Mississippi river. The castle is all theirs for the time being, except for the one room they are strictly forbidden to enter during their stay - a master suite that has been sealed shut for over one hundred years.

No stranger to paranormal events, Rebel Stone is a ghost detective with over three years of experience in chasing spirits. When confronted by the dark forces within the mansion, Stone faces his ethereal challenges with the courage of a man. He eventually befriends the Ghost Whisperers, Stephanie and Agatha, and begins attempting to free their spirits. Local resident Becky Robinson steps in to help, and she and Rebel are swept along an extraordinary adventure where they encounter not only ghosts, but also outrageous animals, an invisible extraterrestrial presence determined to take over the planet, and a monster with an unquenchable thirst for power.

Becky, Rebel, and the Ghost Whisperers devise a plan that they hope will force the seemingly undefeatable extraterrestrials to leave the planet, returning the citizens of Shadowridge back to their former selves.

This book is geared toward readers aged 9 - 12.

Thank-you to Elaine Krackau at PR by the Book for sending me a copy of this book to review.


This is a fun book, full of adventure and fascinating characters. I think most tweens would really enjoy it. I personally found the storyline interesting and the main character charmed me with his wit :). I read the entire book start to finish and found it entertaining.

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