Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Black Lies

Little Black Lies by Tish Cohen

Book Description (taken from HarperCollins.ca)

Sara and her father are moving to Boston from small-town Lundun, Massachusetts. She is going to attend the prestigious Anton High school—crowned “North America’s Most Elite and Most Bizarre” by TIME Magazine—harder to get into than Harvard. As the new girl, Sara doesn’t know anyone; better yet, no one knows her. That means she can escape her family’s checkered past, and her father can be a surgeon instead of “Crazy Charlie” the school janitor.

What’s the harm of a few little black lies? Especially if it transforms Sara into Anton’s latest “It” girl. But then one of the popular girls at school starts looking into Sara’s past, and her father’s obsessive compulsive disorder takes a turn for the worse. Soon, the whole charade just might come crashing down...

Tish Cohen

Tish Cohen has contributed articles to some of Canada’s largest newspapers, including The Globe and Mail and the National Post, and has written four novels: two for children (The Invisible Rules of the Zoë Lama and The One and Only Zoë Lama) and two for adults (Inside Out Girl and Town House). She currently lives in Toronto. You can visit her online at www.tishcohen.com.

You can Browse Inside the book HERE.

Here is the book trailer:


Little Black Lies would definitely appeal to most teenage girls. The plot line and characters kept my interest and it has a great message about being yourself and the power of peer pressure. Personally I loved the main character and her relationship with her dad. I found it fascinating to see the world through her eyes and "watch" her growth throughout the book. I love Cohen's writing style. An all around good book.

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