Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Whine review

THOU SHALT NOT WHINE by January Jones: It's not just you. Anyone who goes shopping, watches TV, or has children knows there is a world-wide epidemic of whining that is out of control! Jones surveyed a wide cross-section of people to find out why they whine and what they whine about. This humorous '11th Commandment' against whining looks at why people whine and how to cure it. Thou Shalt Not Whine is guaranteed to make you laugh at yourself and others.


I hate whining. I have 3 kids and whining drives me nuts. But it is not just my kids who whine! I do it too. Thou Shalt Not Whine targets each chapter to a specific audience (kids, grandparents, best friends, singles, couples, etc). Jones gives the top ten most common whines and then gives practical solutions to stopping the whining! She gives reasons why the whining is happening and how to fix it. She has a wonderful sense of humour and I really appreciated that about the book. The book is laid out well and the lighthearted humour makes this tough topic much more enjoyable to read about!

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