Monday, December 22, 2008

The Most Important Story Ever Told

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Many kids think the Bible has small text and no pictures, and if there are pictures they’re probably boring... This New Testament brings you the New Testament and selected Old Testament stories filled with illustrations that makes it easier to read. At the start of each book, is an introduction to the book and writer, background facts and interesting details that are in the following pages. It also includes a section that challenges memory of key scriptures, a map where you can find out where Jesus did different things, and a dictionary that explains words essential to understanding our faith. It is a fun and easy way to come to know God and start reading the Bible.

Key Features:
  • Full text of the New Living Translation.
  • Full color and engaging illustrations throughout!

Format: 480 pages Size: 5.31 inches X 8.27 inches (135mm x 210mm)

(information taken from their website)


I think this is an absolutely fabulous kid's bible! My five and six year old sons loved the pictures and both have asked to keep it as their "very own" bible. I appreciated the extra features in this bible as well- how to explore your bible, remember what you read, and memorize scripture. This New Testament also contains selections from the Old Testament which is great. Throughout the bible it has coloured boxes that say things like "most important words" or "Did you know" or "Facts" etc which bring the passages to life for kids. If you are looking for the perfect bible for your kid then check out The Most Important Story Ever Told!

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