Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emily the Chickadee review

This is an adorable little series I'd like to tell you about. Here is some information from the website:

Meet Emily!

She’s a Black-capped Chickadee and the star of Carol Zelaya’s three-book series, Emily the Chickadee.

Told in gentle, rhyming verse, we follow a young girl, as she meets and becomes friends with Emily, and their lives intertwine.

In the first book, Emily Waits For Her Family, the girl meets Emily and watches as she raises her nest of chicks.

In the second, Caring For Emily’s Family, the girl helps Emily to care for her family, providing food and shelter.

In the last book, Emily’s New Home, the girl must move and wonders if she will ever see Emily again. The next Spring brings a wonderful surprise; has Emily followed her?

Carol Zelaya, with her Emily the Chickadee series, is working to help young children appreciate the beauty of nature and what little creatures can teach us. The series is based on Zelaya’s true experiences at her home near Portland, Oregon. The idea came about when she became fascinated by a chickadee in her own backyard who built nests in the most interesting places. The series is written in easy-reading rhyme, illustrating how nests are made, eggs are hatched into birds, how the mother bird feeds her young and how children can care for birds and other animals by providing water, seed and shelter.


I read the first book in the series- Emily Waits For Her Family- and I thought it was adorable. It is a gentle story and the rhyming evokes a lovely peaceful feeling when you are reading it. The illustrations by Kristin Metcalf are bright and colourful. All three of my children enjoyed listening to me read Emily the Chickadee several times. The story itself is enjoyable and teaches at the same time. Zelaya even includes "My Chickadee Log" at the end of the book where your child can record their Chickadee sightings! Emily the Chickadee is a delightful book.

You can find more information and fun stuff at www.emilythechickadee.com .

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kalea_kane said...

What a beautiful book! I love the illustrations. Thanks for the review!

Kelly :)

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