Friday, February 18, 2011

The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training * review *

The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training contains 100 days' worth of puzzles designed to give your brain a thorough work-out. Just 5 puzzles a day will lead to a smarter you. Combining favourites such as sudoku and kakuro with many entirely new puzzle types, puzzle creator Dr Gareth Moore exercises every part of your mind - from processing speed, mental arithmetic and problem-solving to memory and creativity.

Every ten days, a test page allows you to chart your progress, while throughout the book Dr Tom Stafford's incisive and thought-provoking text explores the wonders of our brain and how we can get better at using it to its full potential. Offering much more than other brain-testing books The Rough Guide Book of Brain Training answers mind-boggling questions such as 'does classical music make you more intelligent?' and 'can we slow down or stop the ageing of our brain?' This guide is guaranteed to give your brain a thorough work-out.

Guest Review by my mom :)

The Rough Guide book of Brain Training offers 100 days to a smarter you. It gives you a plan, and guides you through the daily workouts, test workouts, and provides ways to keep track of your progress throughout the book. A 15 - 20 minutes/day time commitment to this program promises to restore brain power. I find that I tend to avoid the workouts that would likely improve my brain elasticity, but the book keeps me on track. Also, every few pages there are encouraging tips and tools you can use to improve how your brain functions. This book holds appeal for teens through to the elderly.

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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