Thursday, November 19, 2009

Percy the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken

“Crack” hatched an egg and Percy joins the flock. Experience Percy’s life journey in fantastic full color illustration. Percy teaches a message of hope important for all children.

Rieser, a first-time author with no experience in book publishing, came to FastPencil in search of a platform to write, share, collaborate, publish and promote his book. FastPencil gave him access to their end-to-end solution that enabled him to write the book, share it with others and publish a full-color paperback finished product.

"Percy, the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken" represents the culmination of first-time author, Rick Rieser's, 25-year career as a nationally recognized children's advocate. He has developed resources for children of all ages that emphasize and focus on the inner strength and potential that exists in every child.

Thanks so much to Rick Rieser and FastPencil for sending me a review copy of this book.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. The message is classic- we are all unique and that is a GOOD thing. The story is written using lots of rhyme which my kids loved. The illustrations by Daniel Seward are absolutely stunning. They are bright and colourful and gorgeously detailed and complement the story perfectly. Did I mention I love this book? Percy the Perfectly Imperfect Chicken should be in every elementary school library.

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