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The Bible in Rhyme

The Bible in Rhyme (information taken from the website)

The Bible in Rhyme is an amazing portal into the scriptures, sharing the biblical message and stories, and inviting people to open the Bible itself to see the poetry of the ancient texts come alive. Capture the experience of sharing the cornerstone of faith in quiet reflection or out loud with friends and family. A book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter retelling of Christianity's Holy Scriptures, The Bible in Rhyme brings the word of God to you and your family in a way that will be a valuable addition to your biblical study for years to come.

Genesis 1:
In the beginning, God created.
The rules were established. The physics translated.
In the nothing, God shouted, "Let there be light."
He created the first day, and thus made the night.
Then the waters, the sky, and the land from the seas
upon which He placed all the seed-bearing trees.
Then the seasons, the stars, the moon and the sun,
then sea creatures, birds; the Lord made each one.

At 150,000 words, The Bible in Rhyme is an epic poem with comfortable, and attractive poetry, has almost unlimited uses - from the very private daily devotional, to the public sharing of Bible-inspired text in a church setting. It can be a tool to help bring the scriptures alive for children and adults alike. It can be used as a resource for Bible study and as a source of inspiration. Your family will treasure this first edition of a book that is sure to become a classic.

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The Author

Kyle Holt owns and operates a software development company in Overland Park, Kansas and writes faith-based and rhyming books, scripts, and blogs whenever possible.

The Bible in Rhyme is Kyle's first book, and he is already at work on additional literary and multimedia projects. Kyle is blessed by his beautiful wife, Kim, and their sons, Noah and Jonah.


I think the Bible in Rhyme is fabulous. I can't vouch for the technical word-accuracy translation from the Hebrew and Greek aspect because I have no idea. But I do think this is a wonderful book to use in your personal devotional time. I tried reading a few passages to my kids just to see how they would respond and they really liked it. Kids love rhymes.

I think the Bible in Rhyme is an excellent way to speak to some who otherwise would not be interested in picking up a bible and to those who have started to think of bible reading as mundane. Sometimes when we've read the same passage over and over again for years it loses it's effect but reading it in a different way- like a rhyme- brings back the punch (so to speak).

I would definitely recommend the Bible in Rhyme for the poetry lover in your life.

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