Thursday, July 2, 2009

Two-Minute Bible Stories

By author: Elena Pasquali Illustrated by: Nicola Smee

Binding: Hardcover
8.5 x 9 inches
2 to 5

Description: (from the Kregel website)

Each of these two-minute Bible stories is retold in a short but continuous narrative. Playful illustrations add to the fun as characters interact with the text, making the stories wonderful for sharing with children. The large text and easy readability also make this book a fun choice for young children who are learning to read.


I love Two-Minute Bible Stories! The illustrations by Nicola Smee are wonderful- bright, colourful, and a perfect addition to the stories. Pasquali does an amazing job of paraphrasing the biblical stories for little ears. I have read this book to all three of my kids (ages 2, 5, and 7) several times over the past couple weeks and they all really enjoyed it. It is a great way of passing on biblical truths to them. I plan to use it with my Sunday school class as well. This would make a great gift for the little people in your life.

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