Thursday, July 2, 2009

Autism's Hidden Blessings by Kelly Langston

Description: (taken from the Kregel website)

Does God care about Autism?

Kelly Langston knows firsthand the struggles and victories associated with autism--from the time she heard her son's diagnosis and was given little more than a handshake and a brochure to the time she watched her son sing every word in his school musical. Through her experiences--the good and the bad--she discovered a beautiful blessing: God does care about autism. Better yet, he has a unique and marvelous purpose for children with autism--a purpose no less than that of any other child.

More than an “I've been there too” story, Autism's Hidden Blessings highlights God's blueprint for living a life full of joy and potential despite autism. Inside, you'll discover:

-the inheritance of promises God has for you and your exceptional child
-why autism will never limit God from revealing himself to your child
-what to do when you are angry at God and how to move past it
-why love is the greatest therapy of all
-scriptural encouragement to help your family soar above the autism battle

Autism doesn't define your child and doesn't limit his or her potential. If you're weary from the everyday battle against autism, join Kelly Langston on a journey to discover and apply the plan God has for your entire family. It's time to reclaim your joy, laughter, and most of all, hope.


As I'm sure many of you know my eldest son Aiden (age 7) has autism. He is high-functioning and delightful and an all-around great kid. But I must admit that I HAVE questioned why God would allow my innocent baby to have this struggle. It just doesn't seem fair. But then I remember that life is very rarely fair :). When the opportunity came to review this book I was eager to do so.

I found Autism's Hidden Blessings wonderfully encouraging, easy to read and amazingly accurate. There were many times when it would bring tears to my eyes because it was just SO TRUE! I was touched and encouraged through it's pages. Our children are not mistakes and God has a GOOD plan for their lives. This is a wonderful book for any parent, relative, friend, teacher or anyone else with an Autistic child in their life. It really is an incredibly well written book and I am grateful to have read it.

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