Monday, April 20, 2009

The Shipwreck of a Nation

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This memoir portrays the attitudes of a nation caught in political crisis and devastating war. The author vividly recalls his youth in Berlin before and during WWII amidst political upheaval, love, hope, and terror. The reader witnesses the appalling tyranny of Stalin in the 1930s and learns of the Germans’ conviction that they were waging a righteous and desperate struggle against the Soviet empire. The impact of this upsetting story derives from aspects of that war, which hitherto have remained unknown or been misconceived and which cast the moral equation of that conflict into a more sober light. The reader will walk in German shoes and experience the full range of their emotions, beliefs, and thoughts. The understanding of the mood then prevailing in Europe is aided by scholarly chapters of historical data that weave through the narrative of childhood, war, and ruin. In exploring the enduring mystery surrounding the root causes of the two world wars and Germany's final destruction, the author reach thought-provoking conclusions.

For those seeking to know what in reality transpired in the German soul during that period, this is one of only few, unbiased sources available.


I think the IDEA of this book is great- I love the idea of seeing this period of time through a young German's eyes. However I must admit that I found this book a bit hard to read. There is a ton of history you need to know and understand to really follow The Shipwreck of a Nation. That being said I did find much of the book very interesting. I think this would be a perfect book for a history buff!

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LuAnn said...

I took a class on Hitler and Nazi Germany in college. It was very interesting. It certainly is quite an in depth topic when you get into all the intricacies of the German mindset at the time.

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