Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Baby Fat Diet review

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Motherhood doesn’t have to mean permanent weight gain!

Get rid of those post-pregnancy pounds— even if your youngest is already in school.

Losing the “baby fat” is one of the hardest things for mothers—even years after they give birth. “Eating for two” often results in gaining too much weight, and the more a woman gains, the harder it is to lose. And after having kids, moms are so busy and distracted it’s necessary for them to learn how to eat in a healthy, self-nurturing way again.

In The Baby Fat Diet, moms will be relieved to learn that small changes can make a big difference. Restrictive dieting and cutting out favorite foods to the extreme isn’t necessary. The book offers simple, easy-to-live-by health and nutrition tips that help women change the behaviors that make losing weight so difficult. The 30 timeless tips throughout are eminently practical and the recipes are delicious. Not only will moms lose weight on The Baby Fat Diet, they’ll feel good about themselves, too. Moms will discover:

•Eating for one again—the importance of portion Sizes
•Why breakfast is a weight-loss ally
•The fast-food solution
•Pairing pleasure with healthy foods
•Exercising to the Wiggles®

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Monica Bearden, R.D., has written for the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the American Journal of Medicine and Sports, Today’s Dietitian, and more. She graduated from the Coordinated Program in Dietetics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Shara Aaron, M.S., R.D., has been a nutrition and health editor for Family Circle, manager of nutrition communications at Masterfoods, USA, owner of a nutrition communications consulting company, and a certified aerobics instructor.


First let me say I have only had this book for a little over a week, I have read it but not put it into practise so I can't say whether it works or not. BUT what I CAN say is that the book is super easy to read and looks VERY practical. The chapters are short which is perfect for a busy mom. My "baby" is two but I still found tons of good ideas in this book- it is certainly not limited to moms of newborns. The Baby Fat Diet is packed full of great ideas from eating plans, snack suggestions and fabulous facts to tips on how to exercise with a baby and reverse bad shopping habits. The Baby Fat Diet would be a help ANY mom trying to lose weight.

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NotNessie said...

I need this! I'll have to see if I can find it at my bookstore.

Thanks for the review

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