Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dangerous Devotions for Guys

Product Description
These 30 attention-grabbing devotions provide step-by-step instructions for making stuff explode...prompting pumpkins to puke...and navigating minefields of rat traps blindfolded. The danger makes these devotions fun but it s the debriefing and close Bible connections that make them life-changing. You and your guys group will tackle tough topics the nitty-gritty of living out the Christian life: managing anger, dealing with pornography, dating non-Christians, dealing with temptation, exploring the dangers of compromise, the importance of Christian community, and 24 more. So round up the guys. Grab your safety goggles. It s time for some fun!


This? is a brilliant small group curriculum for guys. Seriously. What guy wouldn't love making a flamethrower or using a three man water balloon launcher as part of their devotional? The book actually carries a WARNING!

This book contains a number of activities that may be dangerous. All of these activities should be carried out under adult supervision only. The author and publishers expressly disclaim liability for any injury or damages that result from engaging in the activities in this book.
I honestly think the hands-on approach of this book could effectively reach guys that would otherwise be left completely unengaged in their spiritual life. This is a way to teach the guys who are not book learners, those who need to DO in order to truly grow. This curriculum definitely does require prep time by the leader because it is not a "show-up and read this page" program. I really really love this curriculum.

If you are a youth pastor or a guys small group leader then you definitely NEED to check out Dangerous Devotions for Guys!!!

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