Friday, January 16, 2009

ITP Future Hope- review

About the book (taken from

Future Earth has forgotten God. Science and technology reign supreme as hunger, poverty, and disease have been eliminated and the benevolent government provides all the necessities and many luxuries for the ever increasing population. However, even science has its limits and the solar system’s resources are rapidly being depleted.

The answer promises to be found by expanding mankind’s domain through the Interdimensional Transport Protocol, brilliantly conceived by mathematician Dr. Deborah Tennyson. All that remains is one final test, the first manned ITP flight by Major David Sanders; the brash, self centered, but remarkably talented astropilot.

What will he find? The fame he so desperately craves or much more? ITP: Future Hope follows his adventure as he travels through interdimensional space to a world he could never imagine and a destiny he could never expect.

About the Author

David Gelber is a surgeon practicing in the Houston, Texas, area. He is married with three children, four dogs and twenty-four birds. This is his first novel. He grew up in upstate New York.


I found the whole premise of ITP: Future Hope to be fascinating. I thought it was well written and VERY interesting. The storyline captured my attention and I think Gelber did an excellent job on his debut novel.

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David Gelber said...

Thank you for your kind words. I hope everyone that reads this story enjoys it, but also takes a moment to stop and think about this world we live in.

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