Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brother by James Fredericks- review

What does it mean to call another man brother? And how often are we faced with circumstances that truly test the nature or our relationships? When attorney Chase Riordan and his estranged brother Jared are accused of crimes they didn' t commit, they must somehow work together to clear their names. As they peel away the layers of deception to uncover the truth, suspicions fall upon those closest to them, testing relationships and forcing choices between their families, their careers, and their friendships. Against a backdrop of suspicion, betrayal, revenge, and murder, the men must decide how much they re willing to risk to attain justice, and whether the bonds of brotherhood extend beyond blood. For in the end, their survival and fate may well depend upon their belief and trust in each other.

About the Author

James Fredericks was born in New Jersey, and went to school in North Carolina. He has been a top executive at a number of Fortune 500 companies, as well as a consultant to senior management and Boards of Directors. His three passions are his family, his writing, and his friendships, all of which came together in Brother his first novel.



I really enjoyed this book. I think Fredericks told an excellent story that caught my attention from start to finish. I love the interplay between the brothers and how much their relationship to each other was a part of this fabulous thriller. Brother is a wonderful first novel for Fredericks.

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