Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Boy Who Grew Flowers *review*

Climb to the top of Lonesome Mountain to meet a very special boy named Rink — every full moon, he grows flowers all over his body. This heartwarming story celebrates difference and friendship, as Rink meets a girl with her own secret, and they discover ways to help each other.
Ages 4 to 10 years
Written By: Jen Wojtowicz
Illustrated By: Steve Adams


The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a sweet story. The illustrations are beautiful. I read the story several times to my kids and all three really liked it. Aiden (age 8) has special needs and I think he could relate a bit to the story because he loved it. He said "I like the pictures a lot. I like that Rink sprouts flowers out of his head. I think that's kinda cool."

I love the message of the story and think that The Boy Who Grew Flowers would make an excellent addition to any child's library.

Thanks so much to Barefoot Books for sending me a copy of this book to review.

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