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Tomgirlz Chapter Books *review*

I was sent 3 books from the Tomgirlz series to review.

by Dana Lurie

These books are full of energy and action and will appeal to elementary school aged children everywhere. Click the books above to see a detailed description of each story. Parents love the messages of leadership, self-esteem and friendship that are built into every Tomgirlz product. Reading level: ages 6-9.
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Read about how the Tomgirlz came to be and how Mackey and Sammy became best friends while staying out of trouble… well,almost!

Mackey and Kee unlock hearts when they are in the hospital together and decide they want to be the doctors instead of the patients.

The Tomgirlz meet Abbey who is talented and beautiful, but allows herself to be bullied because of her weight. Through a week of adventure, crazy games, and typical Tomgirlz mishaps, the girls take an honest look at bullies, their victims, the bystanders, and how to stop the problem.
About the Author:

Dana Lurie grew up in Albany , NY where she enjoyed writing fictitious stories since elementary school. Writing for fun took the sidelines while she worked toward graduating with a B.S. in Communications from Ithaca College and then moved to the suburbs of Boston to open her own copy center business. After 11 years in Boston , she realized a life long dream by leaving the brain freeze of the northeast and moving to sunny South Florida . Free to enjoy the warm weather and inspired by the Latin sounds all around, her love for dance and exercise took center stage. She became, and remains to this day, a fitness instructor of Latin Dance Aerobics and Pilates and a performer and instructor of salsa dancing. Working with clients to help them reach their health and fitness goals has given Dana powerful training as a motivator.

Her biggest inspiration, however, came from her children which helped her return to her love of writing. Another dream was realized when her first book, It's Time For Bed, Sleepyhead , was published, followed shortly by the Tomgirlz series of chapter books based on, you guessed it, her daughter. Her writing is full of messages of love, hope and positive attitudes.

"The greatest thing I can do is encourage children to adventure through life by reading and writing," says Lurie. "I want them to know that when they take their dreams, turn them into goals and then into plans…dreams really can come true, so DREAM BIG."


I read these three books for/with my kids. My sons are both in the right age category (Aiden is 8 and Owen is 6) and they both enjoyed the stories... except for one thing- they were about GIRLS! Ewwww! But they listened anyway :). Aiden said that the main character- Mackey- reminded him of his most favourite girl-friends Cici and Jay-Lynn. Owen said that the books reminded him of the books his teacher reads at school and he likes that.

Olivia listened some but kept asking to look at the pictures- which these books really don't have much of. But she is only 3 so that is to be expected. I think she will enjoy them a lot more in a few years. Although she did say that she wished there were princesses in the book... Olivia isn't exactly a tomgirl yet!

I found the books very kid-friendly and even my sons were able to read some with me. The storylines are cute and the message is fabulous. I especially liked the message of the last book "Abbey's Turn". It talks about childhood obesity and bullying- much needed messages in our day.

If you are looking for some great chapter books for your daughters than be sure to check out Mackey and her friends in Tomgirlz.

Thanks so much to Dana Lurie for sending me these books to review.

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