Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bouncing Boy

Modern Day Fairy Tales by ILIA

The bouncing boy lives a life of ridicule and misfortune until one day his help was needed to save his village from a stinking problem. An exciting adventure ensues with the bouncing boy and an unlikely comrade, an elder from the village. Will they survive the trip to find the solution to save the village?

Read a sneak peek HERE.

-taken from the Winsome Tales website.


The Bouncing Boy is written for a 5th grade and up reading level and intended to teach respect for parents and elders, forgiveness and the importance of perseverance. I think for the most part it is successful in those intentions. Overall I enjoyed reading the story however I REALLY think it would have been greatly enhanced with good illustrations. The Bouncing Boy would be a good story to read outloud to a class or group of kids and use as a springboard for discussion. My children were not too interested in the story because they are a little young for it (ages 6, 5, and 2) but I suspect older children would enjoy it.

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