Saturday, October 27, 2012

LEGO Brickmaster Ninjago - For the Love of LEGO Contest


2012 is the year of the Snake!
The Masters of Spinjitzu are at it again — this time in an all new LEGO® Ninjago Brickmaster from DK.
Young aspiring ninjas are encouraged to create even more of their own LEGO® Ninjago adventures with this second amazing set. LEGO® Ninjago Fight the Power of the Snakes Brickmaster will include a set of bricks, two minifigures, and an exciting adventure story book packed with building instructions to help children to build fun models with hidden features and transformations! Join the ninjas on their most exciting adventure yet as they battle Lord Garmadon and his fearless army in DK's all new LEGO® Ninjago Fight the Power of the Snakes Brickmaster!"

Owen LOVES Ninjago and so he was more than thrilled when we gave him this Brickmaster Ninjago book. He was very excited to build the Lego creations AND to read the stories in the book.

Owen is in grade 4 and he is an excellent reader and we actually have trouble keeping enough interesting age-appropriate reading material in the house for him. Apparently I am not super good at choosing books for a 9 year old boy... who knew? He tends to think the books I choose are ... um... lame.

But Ninjago? That was a sure-fire hit. He even read a couple of the stories out-loud to his sister which is not something he would normally choose to do.

This book is geared to ages 6+ and Owen just turned 9 so he had absolutely no trouble following the instructions on his own. He didn't need our help at all and he was able to read through the whole book without issues.

DK Publishing has a For the Love of Lego Photo Contest going on right now where you could win an amazing prize- a collection of DK's LEGO books worth over $200! All you have to do is send them a photo of your child's Lego creations. Check out the details here- 

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Quinxoz said...

Thanks for the fine review - but I can't find Aiden's review of the LEGO Star Wars Brickmaster book - it's as if it never existed?

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