Thursday, October 25, 2012

LEGO Brickmaster Friends - For the Love of LEGO contest

Lego Friends Brickmaster Treasure Hunt in Heartlake City

Features two minifigures, including Chloe — a DK exclusive!

When the girls of Heartlake City are around, there's always something cool to do!

Now young girls everywhere are invited to join in the fun with DK's LEGO® Friends: Brickmaster. They can follow Mia and Chloe as they search for buried treasure hidden somewhere in Heartlake City or create an adventure of their very own. Featuring more than 100 bricks, two minifigures, and an entertaining book packed with exciting stories and clear building instructions, the LEGO® Friends: Brickmaster will bring creativity and fun together in a way like never before!

Olivia has loved playing with this book and the Lego pieces. Her brothers have been playing with Lego for years and so she was thrilled to have her very own Lego too!

She was able to follow the directions and make most of the designs herself with little to no help from us.

She loved that there was space in the book to keep her Lego creations - she made it into a sort of "play area" for her Lego characters. It was very cute.

Olivia is just learning to read and so we read a lot of the book together.

DK Publishing has a For the Love of Lego Photo Contest going on right now where you could win an amazing prize- a collection of DK's LEGO books worth over $200! All you have to do is send them a photo of your child's Lego creations. Check out the details here-

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Patricia Ward said...

So cool. Olivia`s hair is getting so long. She is so lovely....

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