Friday, April 6, 2012

The Resignation of Eve

Product Description

Is your church overlooking a powerful resource? Henderson says it's a possibility! Offering personal interviews and new research from George Barna, he exposes the widespread resignation among Christian women who feel overworked and underappreciated---many of whom are walking out the church door. Discover how to engage and mentor the women in your congregation---and fully utilize their potential.

Guest Review by my Mom

The resignation of eve is a thoughtful and constructive book in which Jim Henderson tackles the ever-present dilemma of gender equality in the church. In reading the interviews Jim conducted with women, I found that I am far from being the only woman who has experienced disillusionment, frustration and even sad resignation over this issue. So for me it brought a sense of connection with other women in the church and compassion for the predicament we are in. This book is an eye opener and a must-read for both men and women who are committed to treating one another after the example of Jesus Christ.

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