Tuesday, May 4, 2010


About the Book:

-information taken from the DK Canada website

Planetwatch is specially focused to show young people how the world works-where food comes from, why floods happen, and why some animals are dying out. At the same time, it encourages readers to appreciate our planet and to conserve its resources, and uses accessible text and powerful images to illustrate the terrible risks the environment is facing. Each chapter provides a wealth of information and workable tips about how everyone can help halt the damage and secure the Earth's future.


Both of my sons are very interested in protecting our earth but Owen, my 6 year old, has been especially interested in the environment lately. They learn a lot about it at school and we have been looking for ways to supplement their learning at home. Planetwatch is absolutely packed full of fascinating facts. The pictures are bright and colourful and beautiful. 

My kids are not old enough to read Planetwatch on their own but we were able to read it together and it started some great conversations! This book is perfect for any budding environmentalist!

Thanks so much to DK Canada for sending me a review copy of this book.

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