Friday, September 4, 2009

Halfway to Each Other

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The true story of a California couple on the brink of separation who unexpectedly find love again on the Italian Riviera.

Tired, empty, and disillusioned with married life, Susan Pohlman was ready to call it quits. As soon as she and her husband, Tim, wrap up a business trip in Italy, she planned to break the news that she wanted to end their eighteen-year marriage.

During their last day as they walked along the Italian Riviera, Tim fantasizes aloud that, perhaps, they could live there. Susan initially dismisses the notion as nonsense but is inexplicably overwhelmed with a desire to give the marriage another try. Defying all logic, the couple find a school for their children and sign a lease for an apartment. Maybe a life in such a charmed setting could help them find their way back to each other.

Together with their fourteen-year-old daughter Katie and their eleven-year-old son Matt, they trade in their breakneck Los Angeles pace for adventure and a slower, more intimate lifestyle slipping out of the constraints of the traditional American Dream into a dream of their own.

Instead of seeing each other for fleeting moments in the mornings and evenings, the family starts to spend their days together rediscovering the simple joys that bring texture and meaning to all our lives. Travel with them as they stumble upon new customs, explore medieval alleyways, browse street markets, befriend neighbors, learn to cook, and try a new language.

Halfway to Each Other is the remarkable story of an ordinary American family that inspires and offers hope that all of us who find the courage to listen to our hearts and follow our dreams can experience a new beginning.

About the Author
Susan Pohlman is an educator and freelance writer. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband Tim and their two children. This is her first book.


This is a beautiful story. I loved the author's honesty about her emotions and struggles. Pohlman did a lovely job describing the beauty of Italy and it made me long to see it for myself! The concept of this book is wonderful- this family take a huge leap of faith to save their marriage and family. The author learns to listen to God and THAT is a beautiful thing. I really enjoyed reading Halfway to Each Other and would definitely recommend it!

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Debs Desk said...

That sounds like a beautiful book, I will have to add it to my wishlist. Thanks for the review.

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