Thursday, February 12, 2009

Collision of Angels by Michael Carver

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When Tony Campbell accepts his father-in-law’s invitation to chat, he braces himself for yet another of Silas Jackson’s ambitious business schemes. But even in his wildest imagination, Tony couldn’t have prepared himself for what Silas proposes this time: a run for the United States presidency. In the wake of recent controversial elections, Silas and his colleagues fear America is being run by the few and has turned it’s back on God. Their remedy: attempt to put a man of faith into the White House. This crusade proves to be the ultimate challenge however, and Tony finds himself facing his greatest test of faith ever. What appears to be a battle between church and state in the human realm is gradually revealed to have far higher stakes—with ramifications that echo throughout eternity. People on both sides of the aisle will recognize intriguing arguments in this novel and will doubtlessly be waiting for Collision of Angels to continue.

About the Author
Mike and his wife Jane of 25 years currently live in Gig Harbor, Washington after spending the first half of their married lives in Indiana and Illinois. They have four children including Mitchell and Allison who are currently at Whitworth University in Spokane and Timothy and Sarah who are in high school. Mike has been in sales, marketing, finance and sales management most of his professional life. He has been in the healthcare field the past 20 years. He is an elder and deacon in the Presbyterian Church. He has served as a high school and adult ministries leader, a small group mentor and board member at various churches along the way. His home church now is Chapel Hill Presbyterian in Gig Harbor. Mike enjoys working out, coaching basketball, golf, travelling with his family, time with his accountability partners and their weekly couple's small group.


This is a well written and enjoyable story. Carver acknowledges the supernatural forces that surround us and the impact they have on our daily lives. The characters are developed well throughout the story. Anyone who is interested in politics will really enjoy Carver's debut novel.

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