Saturday, July 12, 2008 hosts Author chats is a family-friendly online bookstore that seeks to offer a safe, affordable shopping environment free of indecent materials while donating 5 percent of all sales to like-minded nonprofit organizations. will host bi-weekly “Authors at Abunga” chats beginning July 16 to connect avid readers with their favourite authors. Psychological thriller fiction writer Melanie Wells will kick-off the chats.

Authors at Abunga will allow readers to join with writers of family-friendly book genres without leaving their home. Melanie Wells is the perfect person to launch our chats. She is not only a gifted author but also a licensed therapist and fiddle player. Because of this unique combination of talents, I am certain readers of all ages will be intrigued by her insights.” Chairman Lee Martin

Melanie Wells is the author of the Dylan Foster series- "When the Day of Evil Comes", "The Soul Hunter" and "My Soul to Keep". The series chronicles the mayhem surrounding the eccentric and slightly compulsive university psychology professor, Dylan Foster, who can't seem to shake her personal inner-demon.

“Authors such as Melanie let us into their minds and imaginations through their books. These chats will provide the opportunity for readers to go deeper, learning firsthand what lies behind the author's storylines, knowledge and creativity.” -Lee Martin

Beginning with Wells July 16, the moderated “Authors at Abunga” chats will be held every other Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST at, and will feature fiction and nonfiction writers.

One week prior to each chat, readers can visit the chat Web page to submit questions for upcoming authors. While questions will also be accepted during chats, all will be screened prior to being presented to the author.

Transcripts of each session will be posted the following day on the “Authors at Abunga” chat page. Anyone who registers to be an community member can sign up to receive e-mail notification of transcript postings.

Future “Authors at Abunga” chat announcements will be posted in the coming weeks at

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