Friday, May 4, 2012

May the 4th Be With You!

   Complete Cross Sections

Illustrated with more than 60 breathtaking, detail-rich cross-sections, this is the ultimate guide to the vehicles and spaceships of the entire six-film Star Wars saga.
  • Features all the coolest vehicles from DK’s four best-selling cross-section titles
  • Includes four all-new cross-sections from the original Trilogy
  • Produced in association with LucasFilm

Guest Review by my husband Doug

This book made my head spin.  I found the adult and kid parts of me in a great deal of tension over this.

The kid part of me was completely enamored with the cutaway views of all the equipment laid out in the book.  The adult side of me was totally blown away by the amount of detail that was in these drawings. I kept thinking to myself - wow this would’ve been a great deal of work.

Throughout the whole book though, both sides were enthralled with the material. The images are stunning with an incredible amount of detail and clarity. In addition to the images is the labels and small descriptions surrounding each image. All of this together gives a wonderful impression about how these machines were to have looked and worked.

This book delivers what you expect from the title, cross sections of Star Wars vehicles. Yet it exceeded my expectations greatly.

I enjoyed this book greatly, if you are or know a Star Wars fan, then this would be a great addition to their library.

Happy May the 4th (be with you).

* For every DK Star Wars book sold at Chapters / Indigo stores on May 4-6, they will be making a donation to the Indigo For the Love of Reading Foundation

Here’s some info about the Love of Reading Program:

We passionately believe that when a child has a book put in their hands it changes their life forever. With the support of Indigo customers and employees the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation puts books into the hands of Canadian children. To do date Love of Reading has committed over $12 million to more than 650 high-needs elementary schools across the country so children can develop a love of reading, unleash their dreams and fulfil their potential. For more information about the Foundation visit,

* WIN a DK Star Wars library worth $200!! 
 For the entire month of May DK Publishing is having a photo contest where they are inviting people to send them photos of themselves or loved ones reading DK Star Wars books. For each picture they receive, they will make a donation to the Love of Reading Foundation. Find more info about the contest HERE. They will pick an Office Favourite photo and that person will win a DK Star Wars library worth $200 and they will donate a complete set of DK Star Wars Readers to the library of school of their choice.

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