Thursday, November 10, 2011

Call Me Russell REVIEW

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About this Book

Up-close, personal, and yes, funny — this is the must-have celebrity memoir of the year.

This candid, first-person memoir chronicles Russell's life from his humble beginnings in suburbia as a scrawny, brown, bullied kid with ADD all the way to his remarkable rise as one of the world's top-earning comics. This is a shockingly honest book filled with poignant memories of his family, his life and his career. Call Me Russell is a deeply inspirational story for aspiring artists of any culture about having hope, working hard and dreaming big.

RUSSELL PETERS is an international comedy sensation. During a recent tour of Dubai, Peters sold tickets at the rate of one ticket every two seconds — crashing all the online sales outlets as soon as the tickets went on-sale. In February 2008, Peters became one of only a handful of comedians to headline and sell out the world-famous Madison Square Garden. In 2009, he set a new UK attendance record for the highest attended comedy show in their history, with over 16,000 fans attending his O2 Arena show. Peters uses his wry and funny observations about race, class and culture to illuminate our human shortcomings. His quick wit and gift for mimicking languages and accents allows him to create characters of all races and cultures, regardless of their cultural background. Over the course of his twenty-year career, he has headlined comedy festivals throughout North America and abroad. In recent years, he has performed sold-out arena tours in the United States, Canada, India, China, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, The UAE, Lebanon and the Philippines.

You can read an excerpt from this book HERE.


Call Me Russell is an interesting read. There were definitely funny parts but for the most part it is just an interesting memoir! I love that it is 100% Canadian. I really enjoyed reading about Russell's childhood as a 1st generation Canadian and found that to be the most interesting part of the book
There is definitely some language but I was not surprised by that.

This book might make a fun Christmas gift too.

Thanks so much to Random House of Canada for sending me a review copy of this book.

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